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How the heck works Virtual Photography?

How the heck works Virtual Photography?

What!? You photograph people, whilst actually not with them?

🤔 How is it possible and how are the results?

These are the reactions I get, when I tell people in general that I can portray them where ever they are, without travel.

It is magic, isn’t it?

#VirtualPhotography works globally and is rather effective for big and small businesses which for some reasons do not want to bring in a photographer for their #branding portfolio and #headshots, may it be Covid, the set up, space, travel cost or other.

NUXs #PhotographicTherapy factor included 😉. What that is - another time.

In this video I am explaining swiftly how it works. If you’d like to hear more details, please click this link.

Thank you for your interest - kind regards Brigitta/NUX 📸💜


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