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I hate having my picture taken!

I need a headshot, BUT... I am not photogenic. I hate to have my picture taken. I look weird in photographs. I look old and tired. I need to lose weight before. My hair needs cutting. I am too nervous. - If you feel any of the above, I can faithfully promise you, I can make all of it go away. Not only will your results look great, you will have fun taking them. Come and try it out. NUX Photography - it's photographic therapy

Review: Markus Schweiger Equity Derivatives Trader | Quantitative Finance | Algorithmic Trading | Trading Systems | Entrepreneur | Investor August 7, 2019, Markus was a client of Brigitta’s I have used Brigitta twice now, once for our family pictures and once for my professional headshots. Brigitta is very talented and creative. Our family pictures were taken in the local woods taking advantage of the natural light effects and surroundings. My headshots were taken in Brigitta's studio. I was amazed by how well the pictures turned out as I don't see myself as very photogenic but Brigitta has a very good eye for what works well. I can highly recommend Brigitta for any kind of professional pictures you need to have taken and will most likely be a client of hers again in the future.

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