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Working in the sunshine is just IT :), isn't it? Hope you feel similar. Allow me to share a few images. I/we have been very busy over the past few days and it was - SO MUCH FUN -. Beginning with a make up and portrait session For 4 hours we played with the fabulous Peghe Kakolyris-Yianni's make up skills, like teenagers. I also did sweat water and blood herding huuuuge families in 2 different events. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE IT! The response is always super positive. It was just - how to say - H O T. I passionately enjoy the documentary style photography at events, family get togethers, birthdays, when I sneak about with 2 cameras and 3 different lenses, to hunt for unforgettable moments to freeze in time. Should you know anyone, who would like this kind of service, please send them my way.,ja? My prices are awesome too! Thanks for looking, thanks for sharing. CHEERS 🥂, your NUX

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