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Last Saturday one of my lovely assistants and I took head shots of 74 dancers, aged between 2 and 40. I can't deny, I was slightly nervous beforehand about the deadline, 10am-6pm. IT WAS F A B! All of the artists were totally game. No parents nor any kind of pushiness is allowed in my studio. You just get a better vibe from the eyes of a model, if the fun is real. Each dancer had 3 settings/backdrops. Black, white, multicolored (a little maths, that makes a minimum of 222 shots, plus of course the ones, which are not being used in the end. All pics go on a contact sheets for parents to purchase later). How ever, we managed to deliver the job by 2.30pm! Thank you my super assistant Jasmine (last photo). Thank you for ALL the models for being such beautiful creatures. Enjoy a few examples:

Love NUX

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