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Photos and film for WEB SITES

I had the pleasure to make a few small movie clips for, as well as to take some shots.... The multicolored herbalists know their business! Nature holds many answers to our health problems, but we forgot to use them, as BRANDS thrive to sell their goods, of course.... Sign of the time. It is so much easier for us, to believe an ad, then rush to the store and buy, say, cough medicine. Yet, we might be, in some cases, just as well off, harvesting herbs form the garden or a field near buy, make tea, inhalations, maybe a bath with them and slowly heal naturally... Doctors meds are of course not excluded, just, we don't always have to run for them ALWAYS and maybe should start to learn again to take certain medical action in OUR HANDS. If in doubt, why not with the clever advice of Sensory Solutions. I can tell you, they know soooo much stuff!!!

And look, how gorgeous these girls are!!!!!

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