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Generation Z

Generation Z - perhaps the most misunderstood generation. Growing up in a world of “fake news”, climate change protest, Brexit and now the invisible threat invading every facet of our lives. It is not easy for our teens to move into adulthood when all around them the adults are freaking out, panic buying, doing U-turns on Coronavirus, taking us out of the EU. It’s little wonder there are problems with mistrust, mental health, aggression, drugs and knife crime. Where are the good role models? Where is the community? The compassion? The bonding?

We must show our young people the way – be kind. #justbekind

My young friend D got beaten up. Why? Simply trying to defend his friend who was involved in an unfair fight. The face of an angel. Modern, androgynous, translucent skin, delicate, elfin features. He is the sweetest young man yet we, the adults, are failing him and the other GenZs. The one thing I could do for him was to be an outlet for his emotions. Not just photography - photographic therapy.

Lucky D has an amazing mum, dad, brother and girlfriend. For him all will be fine.

Love Nux 📸💜

Gratitude to for finding to the right words to what I wanted to express

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