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Harvy Santos - Headpiece designer, Royal Opera House, Bridgeton

I am actually speechless. These are amazing wedding photos and very well documented event. I am speechless and can’t really find the right word to say to you apart from a 'very huge thank you’ for the memories you have created, not just for us two, but for my friends as well. You have captured each and everyone at their absolute best.
Highly recommended! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Julia Holden - Lawyer
Brigitta is a pure delight to work with: she brings the best out in the people she photographs with her warm encouraging manner. Click, click, click and she’s done - no messing, adjusting and readjusting. She’s fast and furious with her camera and captures the very best in her subjects. I used Brigitta for a 25th Anniversary celebration at our law firm office party and she managed to bring a smile to even the most serious lawyers 😃. I just asked her to another job for us here in Italy. She is head and shoulders above other photographers we have used - and we have used a few. Looking forward to working with you again Ms. Scholz Mastroianni.
Markus Schweiger 
Equity Derivatives Trader, Algorithmic Trading, Entrepreneur, Investor.

I have used Brigitta twice now, once for our family pictures and once for my professional headshots. Brigitta is very talented and creative. Our family pictures were taken in the local woods taking advantage of the natural light effects and surroundings. My headshots were taken in Brigitta's studio. I was amazed by how well the pictures turned out as I don't see myself as very photogenic but Brigitta has a very good eye for what works well. I can highly recommend Brigitta for any kind of professional pictures you need to have taken and will most likely be a client of hers again in the future.

Sydney Thomas - Success Strategist and Best-Selling Author

Brigitta, I am absolutely speechless! Not only are you a Godsend, but you're an angel and a miracle worker too! You captured the side of me that I didn't think the world would ever be able to see on film. I've always hated being caught on camera until working with you. Both before and during our shoot I was totally comfortable, I felt like we'd known each other for years, and it came through. I had a blast! I'm getting ready to launch my new business, which means I'm putting myself out there to the world, so having the right photos was extremely important to me. After seeing how I will present to the world on my website and social media posts, I'm no longer anxious. Thank you!!!

Helen Harper - Combat Instructor

Brigitta has given me so much confidence in myself and my body. During our (virtual) photography shoot, from over 60 miles away, she managed to capture me in a way no photographer has ever managed. The whole experience from start to finish made me feel relaxed, confident, and as though I had been doing it my whole life. The photo's came out unbelievably perfect, the sort you look at and can't believe you are looking at yourself! I cannot recommend her highly enough, if there was an option for 10 stars I wouldn't hesitate to give them!

Ronit Gerber Author Creator and Principle Trainer of The SMILE System, bestselling Author & Coach
Photographic Therapy, yes!! And you share so much more with the world too Brigitta 💫💖, you share positivity, love, compassion, PASSION, sensuality, possibility, confidence, genuine care and kindness. There’s a magical quality that shines through when you work with people (and in all that you do). Your photography comes from such a special place, it helps and heals inner wounds (hence the therapeutic aspect)... and you’re unbelievably talented too 🙌🏼💖

Michelle Eshkeri - Copywriter
Copy writer. Well, who knew that NUX Photographic therapy could also be a treatment for migraine?
This morning, I fell in love just a little bit more with our gorgeous, sweet, kind and supremely talented Brigitta Scholz-Mastroianni xx
Confession: I generally do not enjoy having my photo taken. I'm told, in this, I am not alone.
THINK AGAIN, people...
Brigitta is such an angel and makes you feel so at ease. She has a total gift for teasing the essence of you out for her to capture beautifully. I haven't seen any of the pictures yet, but the "oohs", "ahhs" and the "yeses" tell me that Brigitta has found the best of me and I will find it hard to decide which picture to use on my profile.
If you are feeling even one rung away from the top of the world right now, you need to book a Brigitta session in your diary - we all deserve to be riding high as often as we can.
Brigitta Scholz-Mastroianni surely knows her stuff about the camera, the lighting, the pose, but its so much more than that. So much more...
Not only is it photographic therapy, it should be available on prescription from the NHS.


Sally Beckford - Media Consultant - Networker 

Brigitta is a very talent and special photographer who works her magic to capture your essence. I had a virtual photo shoot with Brigitta which she made fun and for the first time ever I was relaxed having my picture taken. Thank you Brigitta for making the experience so much fun and for anyone considering using Brigitta, I highly recommend her.

Dave Hadley - Photograpoher
As a photographer in need of some personal shots for my promotional efforts, I decided to go to Brigitta to help me. Despite knowing many other photographers, I approached Brigitta, as I know that as well as her undoubted photography talent, she has a warm, friendly, and unique style which would compliment me very well. And I'm delighted to say I was right. The photos are fantastic, and the experience was everything I could have hoped for. She is exceptional at making you feel comfortable in front of the camera, and I have no hesitation in recommending her. :) 

Angie Litvinoff - Mentor, Guide, Visionary, Ceremonialist, Artist
Ethical Celebrant. I LOVE Brigitta's creative imaginative and visionary approach to portraits.  I treasure her images. She provides exciting and dynamic ideas. A fantastic photographer and wonderful person.

Fabienne Meka - Make Up Artist - Photographer
Since i used Brigitta´s picture of me as a profile picture on Facebook lot of people ask me if i am actually as fun and nice than my picture is. ❤️❤️❤️ Thx for showing the true me dear. Love

Rachel Mariner - Lawyer 
Brigitta has taken my favourite family portrait and this FB photo- she is gifted, generous and talented.

Beth Fitzgerald-Hodson - Actress
I've had many photographs taken by the very talented Nux. She's great at making you feel relaxed and brings the best out of you. I highly recommend this woman if you're looking for a great photographer!

Karen Lawton - Herbal Medicine 
Brigitta has taken various shots for Sensory Solutions my company - she has taken head shots, films, product shots and has always been extremely professional. The pictures she gets out of us are always super x

Francoise Pascal - Icon
My friends, you will not go wrong by choosing to be photographed by Brigitta! She has all the accoutrements that is needed for the job. You will not be disappointed in the finish result. Brigitta is an amazing photographer and a very talented one at that. As an actress I depend on good photography and lighting for my work. Brigitta did not disappoint me as my photos are on my Spotlight and whenever I can I will use her photos to be published and give her a credit. Honestly, you will not go wrong by choosing NUX PHOTOGRAPHY or Brigitta Scholz Mastroianni as a photographer. xxxxx

Biddy Smith - Icon
Nux photography transformed me from a tired frump into a glam lady that I haven't seen for a long time! With gentle coaxing from the bubbly Brigitta even the most shy will jump out of their shell. Her prices are very affordable considering how high ranking and professional she is. I cannot wait to repeat the experience:)

Guy Masterson 
This lady is a natural. 22 years in front of the camera shows in her images. I have used her for headshots and professional theatre shots and she has always delivered. Most photographers get a handful of good shots. Brigitta gets hundreds! Spoiled for choice. It's all about the mood. The way she makes you feel. All captured in the eyes. Gifts, mementos, pro-shots, pets & products. Perfect every time.

Fiona Heckels - Herbalist 
Nux is professional but so so fun. She brings out the best in you and won't settle for sub-standard pictures. She's got so much experience at directing and being directed that she really does an amazing job at making sure things look just right. We have used Nux photography for our professional portraits, shots for our book and filming for short films and promotional work. She has been dedicated and hard working at all times with tireless fun energy. Thank you so much for all that you do xxx

Deborah Pbe Pottinger - Advertiser, Publisher
Brigitta is an amazing photographer. She makes you feel so at ease and the process is so natural, easy and fun. Thank you

Liss-Liss Gold - Event Manager 
Brigitta took shots of me for my website. She made me feel totally at ease with the camera and understood the creative style I wanted to achieve. The morning was really fun and gave me the biggest confidence boost! I'll be booking another session soon for my 7 year old daughter. Love your work Brigitta! x

Anthea Small - Mother 
Brigitta is amazing!!! She is a very talented photographer, who's work is outstanding. She makes you feel and look fabulous, and helps you to overcome your shyness!!! I defy anyone who has photo shoot with Brigitta and doesn't fall a little in love with themselves. Brigitta actually finds the beauty in everyone...

Alane Shaner Nebbia - Travel Expert 
Nux took the most amazing photographs of our family when we travelled to London on holiday several years ago (we live in the US). In fact, we are all returning to London in January 2018 and the trip just wouldn't be complete without another family photo session! I would recommend her to won't be disappointed!

Mikey Uganda - Entrepreneur 
Honestly NUX has the best service by the way. Eehh! you know I would thoroughly recommend her actually. Head on point. Full body? Everything superb. Have the evidence all over my walls at home.
Keep up the great work!
Vielen Dank.

Sharon Gale - Artist
Brigitta will put you at ease. No need to fear having your photo taken, you're in good hands. I have had a few shoots taken by Brigitta and can recommend her.

Claire Connor - Actress
Had my headshots done by this woman and I LOVED every minute! Made me feel so at ease and confident in front of the camera which enabled me to play and capture different facets of my personality! Could not be happier💗👍🏼🙌🏼 with the shots

Reuben Bojang - Theatre Technician 
If you're looking for head shots or even just some family photos to look back on, Nux is the way to go! Was lucky enough to get a couple of head shots which I shall be using for my portfolio in the future. High quality, professional and affordable, definitely worth checking out.

Ivana Cheek - Mother 
Nux is natural, easy going, funny, does not rush you and what I liked the most, that both my children like her and they smile NATURALLY for her, just as they are!!! Much enjoyable photo session and I will model for her anytime too! Thank you xxx

Anamaria Stanley - Time Out 
Get your photograph taken by Brigitta – Have fun and look fantastic!

David Calvitto - Actor 
Brigitta makes me look better than I actually am!! ;)


Humbly received
Thank you

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