About NUX

About NUX

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It’s photographic Therapy.  
Every portrait is an individual creation.
A session with NUX Photography helps to raise your confidence. Inside out. Corporates love it, as having their portraits taken is the last thing on their wish list.  The results are always natural, beautiful and highly professional. NUX produces branding photography, head shots, profile pictures, product shots, performers portfolios small advertisement clips and event photography of high end quality. I am passionate, driven and super reliable, always giving 110%. 

My history made me the photographer I am today.

Having been a international model and actress for 25 years, I relate to what feels like to be in front of the camera. Especially when you are not feeling it, but it's got to be done. I coach my customers with ease and guaranteed fun. I have always been on a mission to show people how beautiful they really are, how others might see them, how I see them. I have a skill to read peoples beauty assets very quickly. Ugly simply doesn't exist. Many of my costumers are uneasy to have their picture taken or be filmed. With me they are safe. My sessions are celebrated to be relaxed, professional and the results are always stunning. You will leave my studio happy. Please read the testimonials on my website: http://www.nuxphotography.com/testimonials.  It is Photographic Therapy.

In 1985, at the age of 19, I left my home in Bavaria, Germany, to live in Paris. I became a successful model working for magazines like Marie Claire, Top Santé or Femmes d'Aujourd'hui, and I appeared on the Parisian prêt-à-porter runways for clients like Anastasia, Georges Rech, Cacharel and Tehen. It was so exciting to see my face on covers, billboards and buses.

As soon as I mastered the French language, I followed my true vocation as an actress and presenter. From then onwards, I hosted TV shows for ARTE and performed in commercials, TV series, feature films and shorts, and also on stage. I even had my own travel show for cable channel Voyage, called ‘Suivez le Guide’. For 16 years Paris was my beloved home, but I also worked in Milan, Florence, Vienna, Hamburg and New York during this time.

And always with a camera in my bag…

On both métiers I survived nicely for 2 decades and learned a lot from being in front of the lens. I met a welsh man, fell in love and now live with him and our two wonderful girls in Britain and I thoroughly enjoy my work as a photographer. All this life-experience breaks out in my photographs. It is said, that I have a skill to put people at ease, bring out the best in them and help build up their self confidence. The feedback is positively moving. I get a real kick out of discovering the assets of faces and bring them alive in an image. Some of my greatest moments as a photographer were those in which woman cried with joy when they discovered their pictures...

Taking portraits is what I will be doing for the rest of my life.
My lens and I look forward to capturing your spirit....

Thank you for reading me.



Brigitta Scholz Mastroianni

Some NUX Modelling Footage 1984 - 2021