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About NUX

About NUX

Get a branding photographer in London who makes you feel on top of the world 


Working with brands who shine brightly and sing loudly.


As one of the kookiest branding photographers in London, I describe my service as Photographic Therapy and I’m quite often asked what that means.


I could try to explain but it’s easier if I let a couple of my clients do it, in their own words:


‘If you are feeling even one rung away from the top of the world right now, you need to book a Brigitta session in your diary - we all deserve to be riding high as often as we can.

Brigitta Scholz-Mastroianni surely knows her stuff about the camera, the lighting, the pose, but it’s so much more than that. So much more...

Not only is it photographic therapy, but it should also be available on prescription from the NHS.’

Michelle Eshkeri, Copywriter and author at Let ME Write


Photographic Therapy, yes!! And you share so much more with the world too Brigitta 💫💖, you share positivity, love, compassion, PASSION, sensuality, possibility, confidence, genuine care and kindness. There’s a magical quality that shines through when you work with people (and in all that you do). Your photography comes from such a special place, it helps and heals inner wounds (hence the therapeutic aspect)... and you’re unbelievably talented too 🙌🏼💖

Ronit Gerber Author Creator and Principle Trainer of The SMILE System, bestselling Author & Coach­­


So, you see, when you hire me, you get so much more than photos. You get an experience that can lift your mood, give you confidence, improve your self-esteem and have a lot of fun at the same time.


What sort of clients do I work with?


In short, anyone and everyone who is reluctant to have their photo taken. These are the clients who bring me the most joy AND who get the most from the session.

Watching someone transform in front of my lens is a feeling I will never grow tired of.


Use a branding photographer in London who knows a thing or two about being photographed.


When you work with me you can expect:


Honesty – yeah, I know, EVERYONE lists this as one of their values, and no-one plans to deal with someone who isn’t honest, but my take on it, is that I will always tell you the truth about how things are. If a pose isn’t working or a shot isn’t flattering or the opposite, you’ll be the first to know.


Human connection – I am a person who wears my heart on my sleeve. This means I open myself up to my clients and look for our common ground. Only by forming a connection with others can you hope to create a relationship of trust that is so essential for great photography. And that’s when the real magic happens.


Happiness – seeing the look of delight on your face when you see the photos is one of the biggest reasons why I do the job I do. When you exude confidence through your photos, it has a positive impact on how your clients view you. You look successful, so you are successful.


Humility – you’ll find me rolling around in the dirt if it’s necessary to get the right photo of you in the perfect environment to show your brand off to the world. I’m not afraid to roll my sleeves or my trouser legs up if the shot demands it.


So, what else do you need to know about me?


📷 I was a fashion model so I understand how to get the best out of the person in front of my camera.

📷 I learnt from the very best professional fashion and portrait photographers in Munich, Paris, Milan, New York and London.

📷 I work hard to keep up to date with the latest equipment, software and photography techniques.

📷 I have a wicked sense of humour so if you don’t do funny, then we aren’t going to be right for each other.


Your brand is like your baby – you want to nurture it and you want to be in control.


I get that.


So when you are looking for a branding photographer, you need someone you can trust and someone you can relate to.

I won’t be the right person for everyone and that’s OK.

Quite frankly, there are only 24 hours in everyday and I do need to sleep, so I can’t help everyone.


But if you are a heart-centred business owner who understands the huge value that bespoke, high-quality images can bring to your work, and you don’t take yourself too seriously, then we are a seriously good fit for each other.


Call me today to find out more about how you can get your very own session of photographic therapy and leave my studio feeling like you can take on the universe.


Or let’s go out on the town.


A brand photographer in London who doesn’t make use of the wealth of locations on our doorstep is surely missing a trick.


Your on-location shoot can be perfectly tailored to your business. Want to attract corporate customers? We’ll get some great shots with the city skyline in the background. Perhaps your ideal client is someone who loves nature and helping the environment – we’ll use London’s green spaces to give your shoots the perfect backdrop. Whatever you need from your brand photographer, London can deliver.


If you’ve landing here and you need something other than brand photography, wait – don’t go!


I can help with portrait, family photography, virtual photo shoots, creative films, architecture & interiors, weddings and other event photography, retouch and makeup and photography pamper packages.


When I’m not on a photo shoot, you’ll find me spending hours in post- production on my MAC until everything is perfect, walking in nature with my friends, dancing like no-one is watching, enjoying the odd glass of Prosecco and simply chilling out at home with my family and cats.


Get in touch to book in your studio or on-location shoot today.


Call 07802 309290 or email


You can also connect with me on LinkedIn or check out examples of my work on Instagram.

Some NUX Modelling Footage 1984 - 2021

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