Virtual Photography

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until Oct 31st 2021

What does a portrait photographer do when lockdown comes?
Not being able to get face to face with her clients hasn’t stopped Brigitta at NUX Photography from delivering her unique style of photographic therapy.
Lockdown. People crave normality. They still want and need to do the things they love. Naturally many businesses have moved their services online – yoga, art classes, mindfulness to name a few.
Why not photography?
Brigitta’s urge to portray people has made her even more creative. Her photographic therapy is not en pause. Of course, nothing replaces a real camera and lens or a person to person session, but necessity is the mother of invention.

It started out as FaceTime Photography, but the progress of the technology was fast and has evolved into something even more powerful. 
Where ever you are around the globe Brigitta will come with you on your mobile device, on a journey around your house, office or anywhere outdoors to find appropriate backdrops for the image you desire. You'll have fun finding the right poses, how to get the right light, where to place your mobile, or tablet. All in a playful way.
When everything is perfectly lined up, she takes the shot, from her computer at the NUX home studio near London.
You think, how on earth can she achieve such brilliant photos this way?
It’s a fine balance between art, empathy, a new exciting technology and talent.
Whether you are 3 meters or 3000km away from Brigitta when she takes your photo, the results are stunning, and she makes you feel amazing, guaranteed
Virtual Photography by NUX – coming to your lounge
By Michelle Eshkeri

How much is an individual Virtual Photoshoot ?

From £90. Be in touch for a full price list.

Professionals photographed in different corners of the earth from the NUX Homestudio near London


NEED CORPORATE HEADSHOTS - done 100% remotely -anywhere in the world, from the NUX home studio in the UK-time, price and travel effective. Look into it! This new way of portrait photography incredible! Get in touch to discuss.