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Make Up & Shoot 

Your makeup will be expertly applied by Peghe from Studio Couture and you’ll get a chance to have fun in front of the camera for some standard headshots, bespoke brand photography or stunning portrait photos. Whether you want pictures for your social media profile, something to put on a wall canvas or give as a gift to your loved one, this makeover and photoshoot package will give you some me-time and some beautiful images to treasure. Prices vary depending on your wishes. 


Get in touch today to find out if we are a good fit to work together and check on my availability for your makeover photoshoot. You can also connect with me on LinkedIn or check out examples of our work on Instagram. Call 07114 23793 to book


Includes Make Up, A Mini photoshoot + 3 digital prints


Style, Make Up & Shoot

Stylish makeover and photoshoot packages – look great, feel amazing, conquer the world


Well, maybe not the whole world, but certainly your little corner of it. Makeover and photoshoot packages are a wonderful tool for increasing your confidence and showing yourself (and the world) just how brilliant you are.


You are strong, you are capable, you are beautiful – be proud of it!


So, how does it work?


Your makeover and photoshoot package starts with a consultation with you to talk about what you want to experience and the outcomes you are hoping for.

You might want to get some photos you can use on your business social media or you might be looking for a photo that you can give as a gift to a loved one. You might simply be looking for a day of pampering and me-time. And why not, you deserve it.


Whatever you decide, you will be handsomely looked after by our talented teams.


Makeover and photoshoot packages for everyone



It’s more than a makeover, it’s reinvention.

Lift your spirits, boost your confidence, redefine your look.


Asha from Distinct Styling, Peghe from Studio Couture and myself, Brigitta from NUX Photography offer you an experience like no other.


Not simply a makeover where you get your makeup done, try on a couple of outfits and walk away with a couple of photos after an hour or two.


This experience digs far deeper into who you are, who you want to be and how you want to present yourself to the world.


Yes, you will get your makeup done, but you will also learn a tonne about how to recreate the look yourself under the expert guidance of Peghe.

Asha will help you audit your wardrobe, suggesting ways to wear outfits and create new combinations that you hadn’t even conceived of. Get a ‘new’ wardrobe without spending a penny on new clothes.

Once you are completely happy with your look, we’ll take pictures that you never dreamed possible.


How would you like to look at a photo of you and smile from deep within?


Happy, comfortable in your own skin, confident and ready to take on your next challenge.


That’s what STYLE, MAKE UP & SHOOT is all about.


Call for availability

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