Imagine you’ve taken a superb photo. You LOVE it. It shows off your product or service perfectly. Well, almost perfectly. There’s just one niggly tiny problem with the pic and you have no time, patience or skill to fix it.
NUX Photography can help.
• Fix that flaw
• Adjust a makeup mistake
• Remove a superfluous object
• Fix the overexposure or colour balance
• Make tired faces look bright

Better then any APP or filter!

In fact, most issues you might have ta make a picture look professionally perfect can be fixed.

Make your business look good!

But I don’t just work on marketing photos.
Why not have us retouch and adjust your selfies, your favourite puppy-dawg pic or a family portrait, so you get a photo you will adore for years to come? Make a gorgeous landscape photo into a jaw-dropping piece of art for your home.
Turnaround time can be faster than Usain Bolt.
Be in touch to chat about your retouching requirements.
NUX Photography - Your Pictures Perfectly Polished.