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Real Estate & Interior Design Photography

NUX – for Real Estate, Architectural and Interiors Photography that puts your venue on the map
Real Estate, Architectural and Interiors Photography is all about selling a dream.
There are so many beautiful venues in London for an interiors photographer to work their magic – we are only limited by time.
If you are a hotel, restaurant or other hospitality venue, you need enticing photos of your venue to encourage new people to visit. Commercial architectural interiors photography will raise your customers’ awareness of the experience you offer.
If you are selling or trying to rent out your property whether for short holiday lets or long-term rental, your property must stand out and look appealing to your potential buyer or renter. Getting high quality residential interiors photography is vital.
Hastily shot smartphone pictures that are blurry or poorly lit are unlikely to help you close the deal.
Architectural and Interiors photography that brings the viewer into your world
Using an experienced interiors photographer allows you to transport your customers into your venue without them leaving the comfort of their own home. It’s important for potential clients to picture themselves in your space – if you can achieve that, you are much more likely to have them visit you in person.
Let’s Talk
How does architectural photography work?
As with every shoot, the initial brief must be comprehensive. Understanding the intended usage of and audience for the pictures is key to ensuring a happy client at the end. You can walk me round your venue over Facetime or Zoom so we can agree which areas will show your establishment off best.
When it comes to the shoot itself, it’s part furniture removal, part photography because significant time is spent styling the shoot. Once I’ve moved things around and adjusted the lighting, it’s time to get the required shots and then post-production (re-touching) can begin.
People often forget about the pre- and post-production elements of photography and that can add significantly to the overall hours spent on each assignment.
Do you have a venue, house, or even a castle that you’d like to get great photos of?
I’d love to see your place.
Get in touch to discuss your requirements for great photos of your venue or residence
You can also connect with me on LinkedIn or check out examples of my work on Instagram.

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