Films by NUX

NUXs creative films allows small businesses to present their assets on film and sound and therefore touch their audience even closer. NUX has the background and expertise to help and create these small affordable movies. 

NIA with Michele Kaye - film & edit by NUX

Safe Hands Canine Massage with Karen Young 
Film & edit by NUX

Embodied Evolution with Katy Neal - film & edit by NUX

Spring Salad with Sensory Solutions  - film & edit by NUX

Sometimes by The Unrelated

Sometimes was filmed in beautiful Bavaria in the midst of summer. A treat for the eye, making you feel warm and happy. A true chill out gem, starring the amazing singer Sandra Luszka and musician Andreas Schadow. 

WHO - Paul Blackmore

Here comes a clip shot during the Corona isolation with the necessary social distance required. WHO by Mr. Paul Blackmore is not only a poetic piece of music on film, it is also a NUX portrait of the artist. I am very much about that generation who grew up in the groovy ages and is now living an older, wiser age - of course, still grooving. Why would that go away with time? Artists from several continents approach me to create, together, a little something that helps them to transport their art out into the world. I love it. Bring it on! 

Produced for YALE UNIVERSITY USA during Covid 19. 

Famous British Poetry with Guy Masterson

Under Milk Wood

Dylan Thomas

Sonnet 30 

William Shakespear

To Be Or Not To Be

William Shakespear

The Road Not Taken 

Robert Frost

Words Wide Night

Carol Ann Duffy

The Leaden Echo And The Gerard Manly Hopkins

Love Song

Ted Hughes

12 Songs

WH Auden

Anthem For a Doomed Youth

Wilfred Owen

Dulce Et Decorum Est

Wilfred Owen

Fern Hill

Dylan Thomas