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Body Painting & Photoshoot 

Body Painting Art and Photoshoot Experience 


Indulge in a luxury body painting art and photoshoot experience like no other.


Do you want to look and feel like a Goddess for a few hours and get a stunning set of photos to celebrate yourself.


Now, you can have a lasting reminder of the beauty and brilliance of your body.

Maybe your body is growing a brand new human.


Just stop and think for a minute about the complexity of that project. Yet you do it without thinking about it – incredible!


Creating a new human is the most amazing thing that a woman can do, yet it isn’t celebrated nearly enough.


Now, you can have a lasting reminder of the beauty and brilliance of your body as it nurtures your tiny new person.


A NUX and Tropical Bird pregnancy body painting art and photoshoot experience is for women who love their baby bump and want to capture it in a stunning and unusual way.


But the NUX and Tropical Bird body painting art and photoshoot experience is also for everyone who wants to be portrayed in a stunning and unusual way.


This is an experience you want, not an experience you need.


It’s all about bringing out your strength, femininity and inner beauty as well as showing off your curves and creating beautiful artworks that you can cherish forever.


You may want these incredible photos, but you are feeling self-conscious or nervous. NUX/Brigitta will work her renowned Photographic Therapy magic and in just a few minutes, you’ll relax and enjoy having your photo taken like never before.


It's a truly indulgent, celebration of your uniqueness and authenticity.


What to expect from your body painting art and photoshoot 


Here's what you’ll get:


  • Pre-shoot planning session where you can exchange ideas with the body painter and the photographer about the look and feel of your body painting and photos.

  • On the day, you’ll visit our home-based studio which puts you completely at ease. We believe that a clinical white-walled, cold and impersonal studio doesn’t produce the right results for this intimate experience.

  • Your body will be painted over a period of around 90 minutes. You’ll be kept warm and comfortable with plenty of tea and cake to keep you sustained. We also offer a glass of Prosecco or non-alcoholic fizz if you prefer.

  • The photoshoot time will depend on how many photos you would like but plan for around 30-60 minutes.

  • Post shoot shower available.





Q. Is body painting safe while pregnant?

A. Yes, we use nontoxic paints that are safe for you and your baby.


Q. At what stage of pregnancy should I have my experience?

A. You can come whenever you like but we recommend between 7-8 months if you want to have maximum impact from painting your baby bump.


Q. Can I bring my partner with me for the shoot?

A. Yes, we would love for them to be part of the experience.


Q. Once I am painted, what happens if…

A. You will feel nice and warm, relaxed and gently guided into the right poses. This is the moment the Photographic Therapy kicks in. 


Q. How many photos do I get?

A. 30 and more. All high end quality images will be yours. Available to view and download from your very own private online gallery within a week after your shoot.


Q. Can I bring props for the shoot?

A. Yes, let us know in advance what you have in mind so we can incorporate them into the overall look.


Tropical Bird/Caroline also provides a wide range of divine head dresses and other accessories, she even produces bespoke pieces. Additional fees apply. 


Q. How long does the experience last?

A. You should allow at approximately 3 hours.

Q. How much?

A. From £999. Be in touch for further details. 


Perhaps you are celebrating a milestone birthday, or you want some me-time, that’s not only fun, creative and artistic but gives you some amazing personal memories.

YOUR unique piece of art will the the main attraction on display in your home. Amazement guaranteed for anyone looking at it. 


We have limited availability for body painting art and photo experiences –  so if you’d like to feel like a goddess or maybe a god, just like Sheena, get in touch asap to book yourself in. 

Text 07802 309290 today.

This is the BEST thing! Who doesn't want to be covered in gold and glitter and be photographed professionally? I would do it again, deffo, 100%.
I'd say -do it - don't overthink.

Sheena - mum to be

You look like a goddess.
Bradley - Sheena's husband

Body Paint Photography
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