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Hello art and beauty lovers!


My name is Brigitta Scholz Mastroianni, 55, NUX Photography.


In my teens I observed women 20 years my senior. I wondered how they sailed through the storms of life, yet often kept beaming with beauty and serenity. I wondered how it is to grow older, to be older. Don’t you sometimes? Today I still like observing women with an age more advanced than mine, as I know, I learn from them. As a professional photographer one of my passions is to portray women in general. Inspiring stories are written on every face..

Calendar Ladies

The idea, of course inspired by the famous Calendar Girls,  is print 12 women over 50 and their stories on a calendar, who in our day and age live a second youth and to help to change the few on ageing a little.


Maybe moving countries, raising kids, divorce, career successes and defeats, joy and pain, drama have shaped our lives. And now it’s time to reclaim our space as people fully respected by society, a time when we are the wisdom keepers, full of vitality, mystery & lust for life... and, yes, sometimes we are sexy!


Our Calendar Girls are 12 incredible ladies. Our eldest model is 90 years young! We also have a fierce and wonderful lady - a women’s rights defender - who has travelled from Glasgow to be photographed; a 77 year old silver-age model, and many more amazing, inspiring ladies. Each has a message - for young or old.


If you like this project, if it to talks you and if you would like to help the message to spread, please share our link.

You might not be 50+ yet - you will one day. Each new stage of your life taught you more than any school could ever teach. If you'd like to help or/and be part of this project, we would love to hear from you.

Warm regards and


Thank you! The NUX team